Judge: Celia Keenan


The Boeater Cup (Most points in Division C)

The Jane Roake Cup for Novices (Winner of Class 33)

Prize Money: 1st £5, 2nd £3 and 3rd £1

The spacing for each exhibit is shown as: w = width  d = depth  h = height

Tables to be staged against the marquee wall; exhibits to be viewed from three sides but judged from the front. Table drapes – white banqueting roll.
Table height 74cm approx.

Open staging (classes 32-35) w = 60cm, d = 60cm, h = unlimited


THEME – Horsell’s New Horizons


33. Novices only, a table decoration National Team. Alternatively, novices may choose any one of the titles from Classes 33 – 36 if they prefer. Their entry should still be displayed in Class 33, with a small card alongside showing the chosen title.

34. Japan. FPM

35. Highest, Furthest, Fastest. An exhibit predominantly using foliage. NPM

36. Olympic Flame. An exhibit containing a candle/candles. NPM

37. Gold: a petite exhibit NPM.  Open staging w=25cm, d=25cm, h=25cm



1. An exhibit is plant material with or without accessories, contained within the space specified.

2. A novice is a person who has not won a First Prize for Floral Art at any show.

3. Exhibition background and drapes may be used, but must be free standing.

4. All measurements are approximate.

5. Judge’s decision is to be final.

6. FPM – Fresh Plant Material (living plants or material cut from living plants).
NPM – Natural Plant Material (may include fresh, dried, garden, wild or made up plant material, flowers, foliage, fruit, vegetables and  seaweed).

7. To be judged in accordance with the NAFAS Competition Manual (3rd Edition) 2015.