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Judge: Rachel Chambers


Horsell Village Show Floral Trophy (Most points in Division B)

Horsell Village Show Diploma

(Best individual exhibit in Division B)

£5 For the largest sunflower head in Show (Class 31 or Class 87)

Horsell Village Show Growers Trophy (Most points in Divisions A & B)

(The previous year’s winner is not eligible to win this year.)

17. Dahlias: three blooms, any variety

18. Sweet peas: one vase, six stems, one variety

19. Rose: one specimen bloom

20. Roses: three stems one or more varieties

21. Pansies or violas: five blooms

22. Marigolds: French six blooms one or more varieties

23. Annuals: five stems of one type

24. White flowers: five of any type

25. Vase of cut mixed flowers

26. Flowering tree or shrub three stems, one or more kinds

27. Foliage mixed ornamental, not less than four kinds, one vase or bowl

28. One house plant, maximum 25 cm diameter pot

29. One cactus/succulent

30. One fuchsia

31. Largest sunflower head

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