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Judge: Sophie Brogden

Children may enter any class intended for their age group or older, they are not restricted to only entering the classes in this Division but may also enter any Open Division. All points awarded to a child in an individual class in any Division, count in establishing the overall winner of each age/school year group. Points for group entries do not count. The child awarded the most points in the show will be awarded The Horsell Residents’ Cup. Because space is limited all entries must fit on an A4 size sheet of paper. Please do not write your name on the front side of your entry.


Children Aged 4 and under - the winner receives a St Andrew's School Bear

70. A finger painting


Children in Reception, Years 1 and 2 – the winner receives the Halstead Cup

71. A portrait of an animal

72. A miniature garden

73. A crown

Children in years 3, 4, 5 and 6 – the winner receives the Frank Bridger Cup

74. Four fairy cakes made by you, on a plate: Coronation decoration

75. A royal collage

76. Make a shop from a cereal box

For any child under 15 on the day of the show – Entries in this section may be from individuals or groups. Please indicate if the entry is from a group of children (eg. family members or a school class)

77. Lego creation

78. Six brownies made by you, on a plate

79. Painting of King Charles

80. A pot or tray of mustard and cress that you have grown

81. Design the front cover for next year’s show schedule. The winning design will be retained by the show committee for use next year. Do not write your name on your design.

82. The heaviest vegetable. (£5 prize for this class if your vegetable is heavier than the winner of Class 14)

83. Largest sunflower head. (£5 prize for this class if your sunflower is larger than the winner of Class 31)

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