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Judge: TBC

Horsell Village Show Cookery Cup
(Most points in Division D)

Horsell Village Show Diploma

(Best individual exhibit in Division D)

£5 (Winner of Class 35)


35. Victoria Sandwich (using 3 eggs) filled with raspberry jam; no sugar on top

36. Your favourite jam/marmalade: one jar approx. 1lb (448g), sweet or savoury. See Judge’s note below.
37. Honey: one jar approx. 1lb (448g). See Judge’s note below.
38. Chutney: one jar approx. 1lb (448g). See Judge’s note below.
39. Elderflower cordial: one bottle.
40. Judge’s recipe: to be confirmed. See recipe below.
41. A lemon drizzle cake
42. Classic cob
43. A tray bake

Judge’s Note: All jars must be clean and full to the top, have no trade marks or names on the jar or lid, and be labelled giving contents and date made in full (day/month/year). Preserves must be less than 12 months old and must have new twist tops/lids or cellophane covers. If using a cellophane cover a wax disc must be used, but this is not necessary with a twist top/lid. Preserves containing vinegar must have a twist top/lid only and be at least two months old for showing. Please resist the temptation to open your jars in advance of the show. The judge reserves the right not to test any jar which has been opened before judging.

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