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Judge: John and Brenda Francis


Horsell Village Show Fruit & Vegetable Trophy (Most Points Division A)

Horsell Village Show Diploma

(Best individual exhibit in Division A)

£5 For the heaviest vegetable in Show (Class 14 or Class 86)

Horsell Village Show Growers Trophy (Most points in Divisions A & B)

(The previous year’s winner is not eligible to win this year.)

1. Collection of vegetables, three kinds, two of each

2. Four potatoes (any colour)

3. Three courgettes (maximum of 150mm in length)

4. Five onions with tops tied

5. Three carrots (with 75mm stalks)

6. Six runner bean pods

7. Six French bean pods

8. Four tomatoes (with attached calyx)

9. One cucumber

10. Mixed herbs collection of five fresh herbs in a vase or vases (to be named)

11. Six pods of peas

12. Three sticks of rhubarb (with leaf blade trimmed to 75mm)

13. Three beetroot (globe, with 75mm stalks)

14. Heaviest vegetable

15. A dish of mixed soft fruit with stems

16. Three hens eggs (displayed on a plate)

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